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Why crystallized honey?

True of natural honey crystallizes sooner or later. This quality shows that honey is not overheated or is otherwise damaged. One can say that honey earlier with a lot of glucose tends to crystallize as much honey with fruit sugar.
By the color of the honey can be distinguished. Bright honeys usually contain more glucose, dark varieties more fructose. Liquefaction is possible without loss of quality, if honey is gently warmed in a water bath at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C.

I can liquefy honey in the microwave?

For the following reasons, you should not do this: 1 The water content in honey is not always the same. Second By inaccurate temperature control honey can overheat quickly and it lost important ingredients.

Storage of the honey:

To obtain the unique aroma and the delicate ingredients as long as possible, honey should be stored in cool, dry and dark. The most important thing is that honey is always kept tightly closed, because otherwise be absorbed from the surrounding water and odors.

How are the different varieties of honey?

The beekeeper bees can not tell you what they should add honey. However, the plants do not bloom at the same time and in any place. He may by an appropriate choice of the site of the bee colonies and timing win the different harvest honey.


Propolis FAQ's

How to take Propolis?

You can take Propolis together with a spoon of honey. You can also give the drops on a small piece of bread and then take.

When should you not take propolis?

Few people react to propolis allergic. It is recommended for people with allergies, propolis test in very small quantities with care. Later you can then increase the dose.


Important: Visiting this website can not replace the doctor's visit. Search for complaints consult a physician.




When a grey covering comes ...

The grey covering on the surface of beeswax candles usually occurs on at storage temperatures of below 23 degrees. This coating can be wiped with a soft, lint-free cloth or take a hair dryer and heated the candle in the shorttime. The grey covering disappears immediately and permanently. Occurring grey covering on a beeswax candle is a proof that it is a 100% pure, unadulterated beeswax candle - provided that the candle is stored too cold.

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