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Honey contains more than 180 different ingredients. In the main it consists of easily digestible fructose and glucose, so it can go directly into the bloodstream without our intestines work. Also found in honey following substances:

  • Enzymes (also called ferments): They justify even in small amounts by the action of the honey they control conversion of sugar honey.
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals: The content varies from variety to variety.
  • Amino acids: the building blocks of protein bodies (proteins). Their content in honey is low, but there are certain compounds that act favorably on the heart and liver.
  • Hormones
  • Inhibins: They explain not only the durability of honey and its soothing effect on infections of the upper respiratory tract, but also the good results that will be achieved for thousands of years in the treatment of wounds with honey.
  • Flavors: They stimulate the appetite among others.
  • Organic acids: They affect the smell and taste of each honey, stimulate the appetite and aids digestion.
  • Dyes, etc.
  • Water: less than 18% for ideal consistency and quality

Source: visited on 16. 01. 2013

Bachelorarbeit DGKS Brigitte Pointner B.A.: 
              "Apitherapie nach wissenschaftlichen Kriterien und marketingorientierten Aspekten"

Specialized paper for bee teachers exam - Topic:
              "The Bee and her blossoming landscape"

Honey study Dr. Puttinger, Uttendorf


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Beeswax Cream
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Honey granola bars Asterlix - Powerbar
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