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Take advantage of the treasures of your beekeeper

Natural Remedies with tradition for your beauty & health

- Propolis
The most powerful natural antibiotic

- Pollen
Fountain of Youth from the flower

- Royal Jelly
Revel in the luxury

- Honey
Medicine and sweet deliciousness in a book with 96 pages of Jutta Oppermann

Extract the back:

"Drug does not always taste bitter to heal. The initial products of the hive are the best proof. Propolis and royal jelly, honey and bee pollen contains more than two hundred extra-healthy nutrients and vital substances: they strengthen the body, give him power and support him gently, but firmly in the healing of many diseases.

In this book you will learn what ingredients characterize the bee products and how they can be used for your health. A variety of practical tips for external and internal use make the work an entertaining, easy to understand guide.

And what are honey and Co. without beekeeper? Her work is in this book too: beekeepers wear with the production of their healthy products not only to health care, rather they are actively involved with their beekeeping on nature conservation. Without the Hege of pollinating insects meadow flowers and crops such as oilseed rape, vegetables and many fruit trees and shrubs would be threatened with extinction. "


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